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Introducing the inimitable Olivia Barnard-Firth, The Wicked Lady.

Olivia is a living artwork - an extravagant performer known best for her unique and exquisite costumes made with her own fair hands,

Believed by some to be a celtic High Priestess by birth and by others to be a vampiric siren, the decadent creative force of nature that is Olivia Barnard-Firth resides deep in the Hertfordshire countryside in a post-plague witch's cottage surrounded by her flock of mythical creatures.

When they can spare her she will be seen in all the right places; from the Moulin Rouge to the salons of Count Alexander Von Berghasy; dripping with jewels of almost unimaginable size, or sipping strange scarlet liquid from gilded teacups at the Ritz but always, you can be sure, elevating the act of being inappropriately dressed to the highest of artforms.

A creature of many talents, Olivia is also known for her burlesque performances and her notorious work with the U. K. Vampire scene's (if not the world's) most decadently dressed band, The Beautiful Deadly Children. She is also available for events and photographic work.